Services we provide

Below are the basis services offered to our clients. These are guidelines to the available support options and can be used as a basis to establish the kind of support required to improve your business.

We have four options open to our clients which helps give more flexibility to tailor the needs of your business and the level of support you require.


This is the most popular option used by our clients. This is a one year rolling contract that involves a monthly retention fee that gives a service level agreement which supports your business with one day site visit per month and telephone and email communication during office hours 5 days a week as standard. This option operates on a lower ‘day rate’ for any extra on site work required which gives flexible against your business needs and gives priority over the other 3 options. Any materials required by IAS in connection with conducting business on your behalf are charged at cost to your business with prior agreement.


This option is offered to companies who are willing to share in the success of a project by offering a profit percentage share. There are 2 levels of payment within this option. 1. – Contingency – meaning an agreed payment is made if the project is not successful or 2. – A percentage of the project profits normally between 5 & 10% are paid on successful completion of the project.

Finer details are required for this option and should only be entered in to when all project requirements are known.


This option is quite simply as it says – you pay a day rate which is slightly higher than option 1. But you get day support as and when you require it. There are no up-front or monthly fees with this option so does not give priority but gives you the flexibility of using IAS as much or as little as you require.


Sometimes you will know exactly what level of support you need or how much involvement IAS can give you for a certain project. This option allows you to agree a fixed rate contract which details the length of time and the level of support your business requires.